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Ragnar Grippe

Musique Concrète


Ragnar Grippe has 50+ years of composing electronic music. From his initial music education as a cellist his journey took him to Paris and Groupe de Recherches Musicales,  then later to Luc Ferrari for work in Ferraris' studio where SAND was composed released on the famous avant garde label Shandar in Paris.

La Scala bi-Centennial via Espace Cardin to well known movies in Sweden Grippe's work has evolved around virtual acoustics and a search for the unknown

Electronic compositions olayed with  live diffusionein festivals via mixing console, works commissioned by Radio France, GRM, Swedish National Radio.

Grippe has worked as a lecturer at University of California San Diego, University of California Santa Barbara, California Institute of the Arts, Royal Music Academy in Stockholm talking about his music

Grippe  has worked with virtual acoustics with Double Exposure Virtual Acoustics™

where sounds from different virtual rooms are juxtaposed and creating a lack of real reference. We can only accept one physical room in real life at a time but here we havetwo or more making us loose our aural references.

The use of his knowledge as a cellist has also steered his compositions towards new territories, where in the beginning the tonal structures were early introduced in his music

Film music, modern dance, instrumental music and a big body of electronic compositions are added all the time.

Albums have been finished almost every year since several years available on the big streaming platforms

Very strong believer in author's rights

Thank you for your interest in my music, please listen also to the pods abot the 70's, 80's 90's the 2000 and 2010's.

Theren is one pod covering my 50 years also

Elektronmusikstudion was my first go to studio for many years

The wide scope of Grippe's production could be called eclectic, but is a sign of curiousness

Jönssonligan is widely known in Sweden, and Grippe's theme can be heard from almost all Swedes who cherish the five original movies

The Synclavier my instrument for movie scoring

Musique Concrète at Groupe de Recherches Musicales became my portal to the universe of sound

Electronic Music when the synthesizers appeared