Written in 1985 after a journey to Hiroshima commemorating the 40 years since the atomic bomb, it gave inspiration to a piece longing for communication, understanding rather than deteriorating possibilities of  talk, CONVERSATION.


Written in the EMS studios on Kungsgatan in 1980, it was the composer’s first attempt with multi track recording (24), and a since long time urge to compose with a ¨symphonic¨ structure. This is an example of a piece that doesn’t use the GRM-influenced quick manipulations of sound, rather an instrumental approach.

The piece is dedicated to my then deceased father  Roland Grippe.

Electronic Music Ragnar Grippe


back in the fifties the start of electronic music,  the blends with chords from classical music a new world emerging (2013)

the Cellist

presented in New York 2015 at NYCEMF electronic music Festival

Le Mécanicien Effréné

1994 the Wild Mechanic was first performed at the Electronic Music Festival in Stockholm 1995

Enigma Frame

strange atmosphere, voices from religious circles, a non-stop delivery of changing references.

Sounds which are grains of their past, superimposed with monks and the authoritarian voice screaming for ethics.

French aesthetics from the Groupe de Recherches Musicales are influential, but are taken into a new context using very abrubt changes of style



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The Best Film I've Never Seen

Michael B Tretow on Enigma Frame

Electronic Music Ragnar Grippe