Melodic works cover No Dress Code album

No more Time for you

from the album

No Dress Code

Complex  World  with

Running Feathers and Lemon Car is a melodic synth journey with a beat

Composed in 2015 with relase in june 2015

album Complex World

You Knock Me Out 1981 recorded at the EMS studio in Stockholm with a Synclavier II

Non Est Itaque

Madeleine Kristoffersson

album Signorum Amor


le Poète Bernard Heidsieck (2014)

album Le Poète with Bernard Heidsieck

Muchi Muchi

music composed for a children's book

album Requiem with Madeleine Kristoffersson

Lux Aeterna

Madeleine Kristoffersson (1996)

in Requiem

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