In this program I will play music from the year 2000 to 2010

We will listen to So Be It, Enigma Frame and Voix Insolites.

Music from the Dance Piece Distant Land premiered in Athens at the Megaron Theatre 2001 to short movie Classmates. Ritorno II electroacoustic composition followed by Cantata Solaris from 2005 as well as same year composition the Jagged Edge. Then we go on with Sapphire Dreams which is dedicated to François Bayle. The Road from 2006 which is the first of my hand 5.1 composition is followed by Vox Altra. Napoli Down inspired by a TIME magazine article. The 8th Abstraction from 2009 and premiered at the New York Electronic Music Festival in 2010 is followed by Turtle Beach from the album No Dress Code which you can find on iTunes and other digital platforms.

I will discuss certain aesthetic points of view about the work as well as give some more insight in the compositional process. Thank you for listening and for your interest.

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the 00's Ragnar Grippe Composer

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