In this program I play music from 2011 Cold Numbers, two songs from the album Dream Train. They are Dust Cold and Black Ocean. We listen to two excerpts from 1952 an electronic composition. From the album Guilty we listen to Canceled Dream, Too Young and Closer to You.

The electronic composition Crushing Silence is next from 2013 and we'll listen to one piece from the new project with words from Bernard Heidsieck's Biopsies (1965 - 1969)

This is a real mix of varieties which yet is probably exactly what my production represents.

Also note that the program was not recorded 1914 which I erroneously say in the beginning of the program, but 2014.

Music from albums Dream Train and Cold Numbers.

Heidsieck is on album le Po├Ęte and Guilty is another album

which you can all find on iTunes.

the 10's