In this program I play excerpts from movies, multi media pieces and modern dance.

First you hear Gettin' Out from the Movie the Last Summer (1984), then from the film Jönssonligan (1981),modern dance Savannah Bay (1984), Kerstin Ståhl sings in  the Room with words by Mark Strand (1986), Conversation 1985, Cinema (1983), Car Crash (1984) and IV Seasons  Vivaldi (1989).

Gettin' Out, Jönssonligan, Savannah Bay, the Room, Conversation, Car Crash and Vivaldi all composed with the Synclavier.

Modern Dance and film were  my main production areas during the 80's. Jönssonligan was  a big success in Sweden where we had 4 sequels after the first premiered in 1981.

The dance challenged both the Synclavier and myself for new ideas, many of them later used in my electronic compositions.

Maybe the film music had me looking into much more melodic material, since the "pure"

electroacoustic music wouldn't be what the film directors would ask for. I'm happy I had this opportunity to broaden my view on music and how to compose.

A new sound, much due to the Synclavier with its FM sounds. Here we have dance,  performance, film and vocal music.  Conversation is commemorating Hiroshima where I was  1985, on the day 40 years after the atomic bomb. I will never forget that day.

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Ragnar Grippe

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