Some people are interested in what type of gear is used in my music production

In the 70’s I used the Buchla synthesizer located at the EMS studio on Kungsgatan 8 in Stockholm. Many pieces were composed using this fantastic synth which had to be re-tuned all the time. It was monophonic and I didn’t care since at GRM in Paris I started with monophonic tapedecks.....

The 80’s I had the fortune to have a Synclavier. It became almost as well known as my cello to me, which I had played since the age of 14. This instrument is in a way still unsurpassed if you look at the simplicity when having one wheel controlling all parameters which were chosen by pressing a button defined as FM or delay.

You could work extremely fast.


In the early 90’s I slowly went from Synclavier to Digital Performer and a lot of MIDI synths. Every synth has its own personality and sound, but I still think that the FM sounds from the Syncla are the best FM sounds there is.

the 2000 and onwards

Now the plug-ins start coming in, first as FX and then more and more as soft synths as they are called. Here I have an arsenal of plug-ins from all over the world.

I think reverb is something very important for the overall impression and also as an inspiration while composing. 2CAudio have what it takes.